About RIP


Staffordshire based Street Menace & Urban Vandal, Specialising in Stencilism.

Creating amusing & punchy pieces for the street using various mediums.
As well as detailed multi layer stencil work in the studio.

RIP has painted at various outdoor festivals & events within the UK
as well as exhibited his work internationally.

Live Painting Festivals/Events

Selected artist Tamworth Urban Arts Festival 2017
Selected artist at Upfest the Urban Art Festival 2016
Selected artist The Burnham Spray Jam 2016
Selected artist at Upfest the Urban Art Festival 2015

Group Exhibitions/Shows

Urban in London – Westbank Art, Notting Hill, London UK
Play and Destroy – Play Dead, Portsmouth, UK
Grenfell Art Auction – Westbank Art, Notting Hill, London, UK
The Splits – Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol, UK

33RPM Pie and Vinyl – Play Dead, Portsmouth, UK
Adibe or Collide – Montys Bar,  Brick lane, London, UK
Featured Artist – 77 Gallery, Worthing,UK

All back to Lemaks – Its all 2 Much Gallery, Bristol, UK
Beyond Walls – Reload Gallery, Lemington Spa, UK
SSOSVA Show – Zap Gallery, Liverpool, UK
SSOSVA Sydney – Tap Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Smoke and Mirrors – Jack Rabbit, Swindon, UK
Takeover London – Montys Bar, Brick Lane, London, UK
SSOSVA – Monduber Gallery, Valencia
Alba Invasion – The Mercantile, Dundee, Scotland
Santa’s Grotty – Montys Bar, Brick Lane, London, UK


blahdeblah.pngRIP with actor Ray Winstone on the set of the boxing movie Jawbone (March 2016)

RIP with artist and musician Jimmy Cauty 2016
(The KLF, co-founder of The Orb and as the man who burnt one million pounds)

RIP with actor/producer Terry Stone (Rise of the Footsolider Star) presenting artwork in the members club of the Hotel Royal Cafe, Regents Street, London 2017

On the streets of Rome 2017

RIP Signed & Stencilling a fans black book, London 2017