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FREE ART FRIDAY March 2014 Berlin

I left on the streets of Berlin a total of 6 FREE ART FRIDAY packs. The packs included :- 3 Prints Stickers / Slaps Business Art Here is a couple of pictures

FREE ART FRIDAY – Valentines Special

I put this little freebie out on the street for someone to find for Valentines Day Free Art Friday. It was found within 10 minutes by a eagle eyed fan!

My Street Art packs hit the streets of MIAMI , USA ( free art friday )

I have had the pleasure to get involved in (thanks to my good friend in the USA “Registered Artist”) the Miami Free Art Friday drops . Free Art Fridays is a global event… Continue reading

Free Art Friday (2013)

Artwork placed on the street for any member of the public to enjoy and take home. Here is some of the FREE art I gave away during 2013