RIP Artist’s failed attempt to install art on Banksy’s Dismaland Weston Super Mare

So on Saturday the plan was to install my “We hate Ian” piece (an interactive game on cork board where by a member of the public can have great fun placing tiny dicks in Mr Duncan Smiths head) . This didn’t go as planned. Armed with the art work plenty of sticky glue tape and a tube of no more nails I headed to Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare. I managed to get the piece installed on the outside of the tropicana building/dismaland but seconds later was chased by security and had to leg it lol!

On my return I noticed the piece had gone (give it back Banksy you thief haha)
but plenty of glue and no more nails on the building remain ooopppss #sorrynotsorry

Below is a picture of what remains and an example of what it would have looked like if not removed.
A fail for me but a fun day and story – RIP