Ray Winstone Stencil / Graffiti and meeting Ray Winstone – RIP

Noticing  in the local page that one of my favourite actors was in Stoke on Trent, filming a new
movie called Jaw Bone. I decided to create and leave him a little piece of art (illegally) near to the film set.
Seeing as they were filming at the old spode factory in the heart of Stoke town centre I found
a great spot to put the artwork up and headed down spray can in hand … and that was that! (or so I thought lol)

A week passed by and I received an email from Ray Winstones people saying Ray has seen the “graffiti”
near the set and loved it, I was over the moon about this. Plus they added he would like to meet me and why dont I come down on the set to have a look around and meet Ray in person! Obviously  I jumped at the chance. I had already done a one off canvas version of the street piece and I decided to take that with me and see if Ray would sign it and we would auction the piece off at a charity auction in memory of the actor Terry Sue-Patt (also a street artist) in May ( The Actors Benevolent Fund and Paintings in Hospitals  charities).

Was a pleasure meeting Ray a real down to earth guy and a total gent he happily signed
the canvas I also presented him with another piece of work of mine to keep

jawbone2 jawbone
I also have a limited number of prints of the piece available (edition of 25)
If you would like one they are £25 with free shipping in the UK (worldwide at cost)
email me or facebook me for more details on how to order